My name is Ben Toolson. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Being a physical therapist means that I am part teacher, part coach, part cheerleader, part psychologist, part  trainer, and part friend. I thoroughly enjoy all of the people that I am able to meet and help on a daily basis. I am a learner at heart and enjoy anything new, novel and exciting. As a physical therapist I naturally have a fascination in the human body. It is absolutely amazing the things our bodies are capable of. My interests, and what this blog will mainly be about is health, wellness, fitness, and of course physical therapy. I love hearing stories and am looking forward to sharing some of my own as well as those who I work with.

I am a husband to my beautiful wife, Megan, and dad to two cute little boys, Dylan and Landon. They mean everything to me and I enjoy every moment I spend with them.

It is not unusual for someone I come in contact with to ask “why physical therapy?” I give a long story about where I grew up, why  went to certain schools, and what made me decide to become a physical therapist. The more I have thought about it the more I realize this is not really why I am a physical therapist. I am a physical therapist because I enjoy helping people to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, without having to take pain medication or make frequent trips to visit physicians and surgeons. There is no substitute for living an active healthy lifestyle and it’s effect on not only on a persons physical state but also on their mental, emotional, and even spiritual aspects. I want to help everyone to live as active a life as possible because I have seen the positive effects it has had on my life personally and those that I have been able to help throughout the years. There is very little that makes my day when I get to hear someone that I am working with is able to do something in their life that they have been unable to do for years. I am a firm believer that movement is medicine. Many of the problems that people are facing today can be fixed with the right amount of movement. Exercise as with physical therapy are the best kept secrets of healthcare. I aim to provide the best possible care to everyone I have the blessing of working with and have adopted three rules from a former coach of mine which I have found not only make me a better husband, father, brother, and overall person but also a better physical therapist. I hope that you can see that I live the following by my everyday actions.

1 No negative comments

2 Do what you are supposed to be doing when you are supposed to be doing it

3 Be committed